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Hi guys! I'm an Italian girl who likes reading (both books and manga) , watching film (and anime!) and listening to music! My tastes are very different and I like to try new music and literature genres, (recently i've discovery Ellery Queen's good!)
Enjoy my tumblr, I hope you like it! ;D

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Why I personally believe in Larry


A short, very basic list of reasons. This was requested several times and I wanted to add it to my Thoughts section to give you guys a good idea of what I think is irrefutable about their relationship. It’s probably nothing that hasn’t already been said before; I’m just creating it for referencing purposes. It was supposed to be short, but I realized there are many, many reasons, ones I didn’t even think of before, so yeah, it’s long lol.


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Song of the Day Rewind - “Never Say Never” by The Fray

December 2, 2009